09|05 SECMAIR at the INTERMAT 2015 trade show

The Fayat Road Equipment division had a 2,200 m² stand to exhibit its latest innovating lines to its clients.

SECMAIR presented several innovations at Intermat:

  • Laser scanner
  • A 3D driving simulator
  • The Multispray sprayer system
  • The Greenswift

The laser scanner is a highly accurate spreading system of which the two main advantages are:

- the monitoring of road condition and automatic spreading

- operator and user safety (the operator can fully concentrate on driving the machine because cracks are detected automatically)

This innovation was exhibited on the stand using a 3D EASYPILOT simulator and a laser on the Chipsealer.

The other new product exhibited by SECMAIR was the Greenswift which can repair potholes using its telescopic arm. 

The Edensprayer that was exhibited on the stand was fitted with the MULTISPRAY spreader system. This option makes it possible to spray at two different rates at the same time:

- 1st row of so-called GO 450 principal-jets

-2nd row of GO 450+ jets

This double row of jets makes it possible to apply 2 dosages at the same time (case of bleeding zones or treatment of hard shoulders).

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