21|04 SECMAIR rewarded at the Intermat 2012 Awards

The jury awarded SECMAIR a silver medal for the SWIFT, its pothole repair machine

It was at the outcome of the press presentation organised as a preliminary to the 2012 Intermat on 12th and 13th January 2012 at the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris that a jury of international experts examined the applications of all 80 participants.

The jury rewarded SECMAIR for its SWIFT road maintenance machine.

Two major themes were behind the development of this product:

1-The increasing number of potholes in mature countries which are becoming a genuine safety issue. This increase has two causes: firstly the succession of harsh winters, and secondly the decentralisation of maintenance budgets and the resulting financial issues.

2-Historically arduous and unpleasant public works tasks are no longer finding as many candidates. There is an increasing number of occupational disorders including MSDs: it had become urgent to upgrade the quality of manual labour by offering suitably comfortable tools.

The SWIFT is a rapid intervention machine that carries out sustainable and low cost work in an ergonomic framework.