01|10 Secmair wins an export trophy award

On International Connecting Day which was held in Nantes, France on 1st October 2015, SECMAIR was awarded the VIE trophy for its international activity.

This award highlights our skill in having been able to implement the necessary action to generate our growth on international markets by using a   Secmair V.I.E. (International Business Volunteer).

To bolster our existing presence on all continents, we wanted a long term presence in the Asia Pacific region. We we able to carry out this project with the support of the Pays de la Loire region by hiring a business developer as a VIE.  Quentin Villette was able to set up shop in one of the Fayat group’s Singapore subsidiaries to assess market maturity. This strategic choice, a few hours flight away from many south-east Asian countries, was a profitable one.  The VIE was renewed in March last year for a further year. Sales arrived very quickly and it was possible to identify a few “target” countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand which all have mature road infrastructure development policies.    

The award of the trophy on 1st October last is the recognition of our international growth strategy and strengthens SECMAIR’s will to continue boosting its economic connections with the Asia Pacific region.

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