The new EC standard on surface dressings requires a precise traceability of the work sites. The MALAXITU database is used to record all the site working conditions and also gives data on productivity.


MALAXITU can be adapted to all Secmair maintenance equipments and can also be adapted to other equipments.


The 7 advantages of a traceability system

  • Control the production
  • Improve the communication
  • Be more competitive in a competitive environment
  • Share existing management tools
  • Bring the proof that the investment is profitable
  • Optimize movements and thus reduce pollutant emissions
  • Enjoy of a privileged relationship with the equipment provider

Exemples of given data

  • Site cartography
  • GPS Position, date and time Transport, waiting and spraying times
  • Instantanous dosing
  • Surfaces and quantities.
  • Temperatures
  • Humidity levels

Data transfer

There are several types of data transfer according to the needs:

  • Excel file (via USB stick)
  • Excel file and import into the VISUCHANTIER operational software
  • Cell phone transfer with access to a web platform linked to the issue of an email with the site summary.